Theories about the shocking demise of Princess Diana in 1997 will be the focus of an imminent documentary to be released in time for the late royal's death anniversary.

Newsweek reported that Channel 4 decided to launch a four-part series that would explore the stories and findings of two police investigations into the passing of Princess Diana. The upcoming documentary would reportedly tell how the public, press, and internet created and fueled theories surrounding the death of Prince Charles' former wife.

Channel 4 exec Shaminder Nahal stated, "This utterly compelling series explores in forensic detail what happened in the investigations following the death of Princess Diana -what it was like for the detectives working on a huge global news story that was not just a tragedy for the families involved, but a massive internet phenomenon too."

The untimely death of Princess Diana shocked everyone, which also prompted some to create conspiracy theories that suggested even the most unbelievable scenarios prior to the royal's demise. Among the theories that have been making rounds up to this writing include the Princess of Wales was pregnant at the time of her death and that it was Prince Charles who killed the popular royal.

Sir John Stevens and Pierre Mutz launched an investigation in 2005. In a talk with the Paris police, Mutz questioned why the senior police in Britain started probing a simple vehicular accident.

However, the pair later learned that the Metro Police Commissioner actually aimed to conduct the most significant investigation yet. The probe, popularly known as Operation Paget, was launched to give answers to theories and speculations surrounding the death of Princess Diana.

The three-year operation found that driver and bodybuilder Le Van Thanh, who was only 22 when the accident happened, was actually at the wheel when he bumped into Princess Diana's car. He previously claimed he was never around the area in the early hours of August 31, 1997.

The real-life chef of Princess Diana also had a sit-down interview with The Post and talked about the statement about her car being tampered with to cause an accident. Darren McGrady even recalled one instance when the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry was having second thoughts about driving herself alone.

McGrady revealed, "She joked: 'Watch the brakes, Darren. I think someone's been tampering with them."

The forthcoming documentary, titled "Investigating Diana: Death in Paris," is set to air on August 31. It will follow HBO's feature-length documentary called "The Princess," which was put together from archive press footage and looked at the press' relationship with the late Princess Diana from marriage to death.

Princess Diana
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