Graphic: CCTV footage released shows man fatally shot on bus in Oklahoma Storyful

Footage has emerged of a violent police shooting on a bus in Oklahoma that saw a suspected vandal blasted in the face three times after he claimed white police officers were looking for him.

Oklahoma City Police released security camera footage showing the fatal shooting of Miguel Angel Chavez-Angles on a public bus last month.

The 42-year-old was killed on June 24 after throwing a fire extinguisher and trying to grab a gun from a female officer who confronted him on the bus.

Oklahoma City Police said the officers were responding to a vandalism report and Chavez-Angles had fled to the bus after jumping into another vehicle. In the footage, Chavez-Angles can be seen running toward the bus before boarding it without any shoes on.

He appears to remonstrate with the driver over how to pay for the journey before saying "he is telling you" when a message comes over the driver's radio.

Chavez-Angles then says what sounds like "white people are looking for me" before pleading for the male driver to not open the doors. He then leaps into the luggage hold and grabs hold of a fire extinguisher before the driver finally has enough and tells him to leave.

The bus stops but Chavez-Angles remains perched as scared passengers stream off. The armed female officer then confronts the suspect, who moves back into the bus and lunges at her with the extinguisher before her male colleague comes to her aid and shoots Chavez-Angles multiple times.

Police shootings in America have been brought into focus after Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were shot and killed in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis respectively earlier this month. Their deaths sparked fatal shootings of five police officers in Dallas on 7 July by Micah Johnson.