The family involved in a fatal shooting near a swimming pool in Spalding are believed to have been killed with a shotgun, Lincolnshire Police have said. Claire Hart, 50, and her daughter, Charlotte, 19, died from injuries they sustained after gunshots rang out earlier today (19 July).

Paramedics were told to approach the scene with caution but were unable to treat the two women. The patients were pronounced dead at the scene.

According to reports, 57-year-old Lance Hart is understood to have been the gunman. He was husband and father to victims Claire and Charlotte Hart respectively, as well as their two sons, Luke, 26, and Ryan, 25.

A builder who tried desperately to save Claire and Charlotte Hart described the ordeal. "At about nine o'clock three shots went off while I was working on the building site. I ran across the car park, jumped over the fence and went to help," the unnamed man told the Telegraph.

"When I arrived there was only me and another lad from the swimming pool who was trying to help. There were three people injured. It looked like the man had done the other two and done away with himself," he added.

"There was a man, an older woman, and a younger woman. They looked like a family. The man was already dead when I got there. The older woman was very badly injured and I tried CPR on her while the guy from the swimming baths tried on the younger woman who didn't look as bad.

"I would say the younger woman was around 20. The older woman was about 40 and the man looked in his late 40s."

Police carried out a raid on a property in Hatt Close, Moulton, after the shooting. Speaking of their shock at the tragedy, a female neighbour who did not wish to be named said: "They were an absolutely lovely family.

"They were the loveliest couple ever. We don't know them well but wave to them when we see them," she added. "I can't imagine why they have raided that house. They had three kids, two boys and a girl."

"The house is up for sale but I can't imagine they would have left without saying goodbye."

Speaking outside Spalding Police station, which backs onto the scene of the shooting, temporary superintendent Paul Timmins said: "At 9am we received a call of reporting a shooting outside Spalding Swimming Pool on Pinchbeck Road.

"Emergency staff including police and East Midland Ambulance Service responded immediately.

"At the scene, officers found a deceased man along with two women who had received serious injuries. CPR was attempted on both women, but I am sad to report that both women have subsequently died."

He also confirmed that a shotgun had been used in the killing and detectives were no longer looking for anyone in connection with the deaths and that no shots were fired by police. He added that Claire, Charlotte and Lance Hart "were all known to each other."

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn posted a message on Twitter to reflect on the tragedy. "Shocking events in Spalding, Lincolnshire. My thoughts are with the victims and their families," he wrote.