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Will Nathan Curtis get what's coming to him on Coronation Street? ITV

Coronation Street viewers have barely got over the horror sex ring storyline involving Bethany Platt, but they'll be given a sharp reminder of it when Nathan Curtis and Neil Clifton make a dramatic return to Weatherfield for their explosive rape trial.

The disturbing child groomer and rapist will attend court as they finally face up to their vile crimes against young schoolgirls, including the cobbles' own Bethany (Lucy Fallon), just as Corrie fans thought they'd seen the back of them.

Chris Harper, who plays Bethany's ex-boyfriend in the ITV soap who groomed her for several months, has been spotted on the Corrie set as he arrived to film some nail-biting scenes. He was joined by actor Ben Cartwright who plays dirty cop Neil.

It is another reminder that poor Bethany's mental trauma is still not over, despite the physical abuse coming to an end, and she will be forced to give evidence against the pair.

Future scenes show Nathan and Neil looking nervous as they enter the courtroom and they are later seen behind bars – but how long they'll be jailed for is yet to be revealed.

Elsewhere in Corrie news, villain Pat Phelan could have his true colours exposed once and for all in a dramatic autumn storyline after cheating justice for many years.

pat phelan
Pat Phelan, Coronation Street ITV

Newcomer Nicola Thorp teased a shocking twist ahead for the killer, revealing on ITV's Lorraine: "It's got to come out at some point. He's got two choices; he can either own up to what he's done and hope she loves him for who he is, or does he do everything he can to hide it?"

"All of that will be unfolding over the autumn – it's a really exciting time. If you don't already watch Corrie then now is the time to start! I can't reveal too much but what is going to happen over the next few months is going to make soap history!" she added.

Coronation Street airs tomorrow night (4 August) at 7.30pm on ITV.