bethany platt
Bethany Platt's sex ring storyline takes a horrifying turn in an upcoming episode ITV

The sex ring storyline involving schoolgirl Bethany Platt and her sex grooming boyfriend Nathan Curtis has disturbed Coronation Street viewers with its graphic scenes including rape and physical abuse for some time now.

But the end appears to be in sight for conniving Nathan and his criminal acts – despite the schoolgirl agreeing to marry him last week in a bizarre twist after being raped by several of his friends – as he is set to get arrested, according to the Daily Star.

Bethany has endured a treacherous few months of manipulation and abuse since being controlled by her paedophile boyfriend, and it seemed as though she would never escape her nightmare when it was revealed that one of her abusers was a policeman.

There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel for the teen as Nathan will be detained by police officers. In an upcoming episode he will be dragged by two uniformed officers through a shopping centre towards a police car.

The child abuser will be taken away with both arms behind his back in handcuffs as he looks back dramatically at Bethany, and his arrest comes after a huge argument with his fiancée in public.

The squabbling pair get into a massive bust up which gets physical, with Nathan being pulled away from the scene as worried onlookers watch from afar. The teen is seen struggling as her boyfriend raises his fists towards her shoulder in more shocking scenes.

Whether he will be found out for his horrifying crimes against Bethany remains to be seen. Though Bethany's family have long-awaited Nathan's arrest as her loved ones have tried and failed to save her, this could be her way out once and for all.

Something tells us that he's not quite done yet, however.

Coronation Street continues tonight (10 May) at 7.30pm on ITV.