Corrie's Nicola and Gary did the deed last week ITV

Corrie viewers teased Gary Windass over his performance in between the sheets when he cheated on girlfriend Sarah Platt with Nicola Rubinstein, insinuating it was all over too quickly.

But Nicola Thorp, who plays Nicola Rubinstein on the soap, took to social media to set the record straight about her co-star's sexual stamina after fans of the ITV soap poked fun at him on Friday night.

Before the show cut to adverts, the pair shared a passionate snog, but by the time the soap was back for part two, Gary was seen spritely running down the stairs buttoning his shirt and telling Nicola not to tell anyone what they'd done.

One commenter tweeted: "That was quick work Gary #Corrie".

Another said: "Gary wasn't with anyone last night Sarah, just earlier on in the day. He couldn't have gotten it up fast enough, really. #corrie"

But Thorp clarified that the onscreen romp lasted a lot longer than viewers' first presumed.

She tweeted: "Let me put the rumours 'to bed'. Telly doesn't work in realtime. We thought about it...but no one wants three hours of adverts... #corrie".

Her fans were entertained by her admission, with one person replying: "Lucky Gary is all I can say" as another put: "bloody hell! What do ppl think this is? Pornbub? @itvcorrie is classy! As if @ITV would show full-on sex scenes."

Gary – who is played by Mikey North – was in a foul mood on Friday, and girlfriend Sarah Platt (Tina O'Brien) couldn't do anything to calm him down before he stormed out.

He ended up in Pat Phelan's daughter Nicola's arms after sharing a bottle of wine and pouring his heart out to her. Gary opened up about his time in the army to Nicola while she told stories about her youth.

Coronation Street continues on ITV at 7.30pm on Wednesday (4 October).