Valve has announced the details of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's Operation Hydra event, which will run on a weekly basis until September. The event will overhaul many of the legendary shooter's conventions with multiple brand new game modes.

There are two new modes singled out as their own "events" plus a third event, called War Games, which encompasses six twists that will be applied to existing game modes. New maps have also been introduced.

The first of the new game types is Wingman, a best-of-16 game type putting two teams of two against each other on maps with a single bombsite.

Weapons Expert is a more tactical mode for experienced players. Teams of five compete in a best-of-30 series in which any weapon bought by a player at the start of a round won't be available in the next and teams only have a limited supply of each weapon between them.

"Coordinate with your team, grind the enemy out of weapons, and try to keep your best options available," says the Counter-Strike website.

War Games will let players vote on the gameplay twist they want to apply to the selected game mode. In bomb defusal rounds players can introduce a heavy assault suit available to purchase at the start of each round.

"Like a tank, you'll make a bold entrance as you plow through enemy territory. Prepare to be the center of attention."

Headshots only is self-explanatory, while Hunter-Gatherers is like Call of Duty's Kill Confirmed, in which players score points not from kills but from dog tags picked up and collected from those who've been killed.

Stab Stab Zap, which is apparently the real name, limits weapons to a knife, a taser that needs to recharge after each shot and any grenades the player can afford. The mode is designed to test player's close range skills and we're still not over the Stab Stab Zap name.

The Flying Scoutsman, which is a much better name, turns gravity way up and increases the accuracy of all weapons. "Armed only with an SSG08, a knife, and your quick reflexes, take advantage of cover and high mobility to take down the enemy!"

Finally, there's Trigger Discipline, which brilliantly damages players whenever they miss a shot. "Concentrate on perfect accuracy or bait enemies into missing shots--then finish them off with grenades. Good things come to those who wait."

Four new maps are being introduced too, plus three created by the community. The maps will be available in regular play as well as the Hydra event.

These maps include Black Gold, set on an off-shore oil rig, a snow map set in Austria and Thrill, set in a theme park.

Players can also purchase an All Access Pass for $5.99, which grants them an exclusive co-op campaign the details of which haven't been announced, access to their in-game stats for the event, new weapon skins and gloves, and more.

Further details are available here.

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