Far Cry 5 wildlife animals
(L-R) A bison, mountain lion, grey wolf, grizzly bear and bald eagle. Wiki Commons / Getty Images / Ubisoft

Ubisoft has confirmed that upcoming open world shooter Far Cry 5 will take place in Montana, the north-western US state that shares the Rocky Mountains, the Great Plains and Glacier National Park with neighbouring states and Canada.

Four atmospheric, ominous teasers revealed the game's location ahead of a more substantial reveal on Friday, 26 May. Now we know the game's setting however, it's possible to get idea of the kind of wildlife that'll be in the blockbuster sequel.

The Far Cry series is famed for its open worlds filled with dangerous and beautiful wildlife to hunt, sometimes ride and often hit with cars as players careen off yet another road.

With snow-capped mountains, expansive plains, woodland, lakes and rivers, Montana offers Far Cry 5 a varied ecosystem despite not immediately striking as the most exotic of locations. Particularly after Far Cry 4's Himalayan nation of Kyrat and 3's tropical island chain.

The elephants, rhinos and crocodiles of previous two main games in the series won't be returning - unless the game's story includes some kind of wildlife preserve, which would actually be quite cool - but there are still plenty of animals in the region that will pose a threat to players.

Bears have featured in all of the most recent entries in the series and will certainly be back once again. Grizzly bears are sure to feature, and standing at eight-foot-tall on their hind legs they'll probably pose the game's biggest non-human threat. While smaller, you won't want to cross a black bear either, and these can also be found in Montana.

If true to the real world, Far Cry 5's bears will be found in forested areas and colder areas. Grizzlies are also sometimes found on plains.

Mountain lions featured in Far Cry 3, usually laying low in the undergrowth before knocking the wind out of you, scaring you half to death and sending you fleeing at speed in the opposite direction.

Fellow members of the feline family in Montana include the Canada lynx and bobcats, which can also be found primarily in mountainous areas. While smaller than mountain lions, either of these species will be nasty blighters if you piss one off.

Representing the canine side of Montana are grey wolves, most likely to be found in the forests and in dangerous packs. Coyotes can also be found in the some habitat, as well as out on the grasslands. They're not nearly as dangerous, but expect to see foxes as well, including the red fox UK readers will be familiar with.

Wolverines are also common in Montana. Known for their ferocity, these animals could fill the gap left by the absence Far Cry 4's vicious honey badgers.

Of course, it's not just carnivores Far Cry fans have grown accustomed to tip-toeing around.

Montana is home to some imposing herbivores too. The American bison is among the largest, and given its name and connection to the US could well feature heavily in marketing for Far Cry 5. The bison roam the Montana plains in large herds, which if suitably large in the game world would be an impressive sight, even moreso if they stampede.

Likewise there's also moose and elk, the largest members of the deer family, which can weigh between 320 and 490kg. A number of smaller deer and deer-like animals also live in Montana, including the woodland caribou, pronghorn, mountain goat and the white-tailed deer.

The bighorn sheep with its, you guessed it, big horns is another animal that could well appear in the game.

Grizzly Bear
A grizzly bear in the wild. Best to leave it be Wiki Commons

Montana is home to huge number of rabbit, badger, squirrel and weasel species, as well as prairie dogs and skunks. Ubisoft could have some fun with the latter. Most of those would be food for the wildlife flying over Montana however.

The iconic bald eagle, with its two metre wingspan, and the golden eagle are no-brainers. Other airborne species from the eagle, falcon and hawk families could also be appear, but with so many there aren't many that really stand out.

Owls are also common in Montana, the snowy owl, great horned owl, long eared owl and great grey owl being particularly striking. There are also geese, herons and swans that could feature in the game.

Far Cry 5's Montana setting suggests we won't be seeing the tigers, elephants, cassowaries and jaguars of past games, but the North American state does house a lot of wildlife that's a perfect fit for the series.

Ubisoft will be revealing Far Cry 5 in more detail later this week. The game was announced last week, and is set to release by the end of the current financial year on 21 March, 2018.

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