Having a little pick-me-up has been taken to its furthest limits in a new viral video that shows a cooked fish seemingly coming back to life after being fed a shot. The baked and sauce-covered dish looks like it swallows after the shot is poured into its mouth.

The video was shared on viral video site Liveleak.com where it has now been viewed over 130,000 times.

The well-cooked fish looks as though it is swallowing, closing and opening its mouth, after the alcohol is poured into its mouth, though it is more than likely nerve endings reacting to the drink.

The video is similar to a viral video from some years ago which showed a cuttlefish seemingly return to life on a restaurant plate when covered in soy sauce – leading many to claim that people were eating live cuttlefish. It was later shown that the sodium in the soy sauce was causing chemical reactions in the cuttlefish's muscles that made the fish seem to come back to life.