Unbelievable footage shared by a Florida golf course shows a massive alligator casually sauntering across the green before taking a dip in the lake.

"What an amazing shot of South Florida wildlife!" Osprey Point Golf Course in Boca Raton, Florida wrote in a Facebook post. "This was taken by our own Bobby Ruzzi last night on Raven #9." the post read before the hashtags #irwinwouldbeproud and #walkingthefairways.

The clip has already been viewed over 11,000 times on Facebook and shared more than 250 times at the time of writing. Local golfers were shocked to see the giant reptile so close to where they swing their putters.

"My son played there last night, yikes glade he didn't see that guy" Vincent Di Betta commented on the post. "We're there everyday!" wrote Angeline Dozier.

Florida is a state famous for its alligators and every year the huge creatures don't fail to hit headlines.

Earlier in July, a Florida man was bitten on his arm by an alligator as he dived to collect golf balls from a lake. Reports said that 51-year-old Scott Lahodik managed to get out of the lake and was rushed to hospital where he underwent surgery.

In May, another crazy video showed a huge gator swimming at the bottom of a Florida family's pool before being caught by a local trapper. "Luckily, these homeowners took a second look this morning before jumping in to kick off their Memorial Day," Sarasota County Sheriff's Office wrote on Twitter.