Spotting alligators in Florida is common, but a family from Sarasota County were shocked when they spotted a huge specimen relaxing in their backyard swimming pool on Memorial Day (May 29).

A video and pictures posted by the Sarasota Sheriff's Office on their official Facebook and Twitter pages show the massive beast lying at the bottom of the pool before being removed.

"Luckily, these homeowners took a second look this morning before jumping in to kick off their Memorial Day," the Facebook post from Monday, 29 May stated.

"Deputy Lori Clark was first to respond to the Plantation neighborhood where this healthy 7-8 feet gator was at the bottom of a family's swimming pool."

County officials called a trapper to relocate the gator to a safer location.

On Tuesday (30 May), the Sheriff's Office warned that it was mating season for Florida alligators and all water bodies in the city were vulnerable.

"Who would've thought?! Let this be a reminder that it's mating season in Florida and these creatures, especially the females, are on the move looking for areas to lay eggs. With that said, it's probably safe to assume that any body of water, regardless of what kind, may be enticing to this kind of reptile."

Alligator in florida home
A huge 7- to 8-feel long alligator was spotted chilling in a swimming pool at a house in Florida's Sarasota County on Memorial Day, 29 May Videograb@Sarasota Sheriff's Office