Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo, his son Cristiano Ronaldo Jr (center) and girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez Reuters/ Arnd Wiegmann

Cristiano Ronaldo rarely shares photos of his girlfriend on Instagram so his latest post came as a special treat for fans of the footballer. The Real Madrid player posted an image of a pregnant Georgina Rodriguez soaking up the sun.

"Picture of the day," Ronald captioned the photo of his girlfriend holding his three-month-old twins, reportedly named Mateo and Eva. His eldest son Cristiano Jr, 7, is seen sitting next to them reading what looks to be a story book for young children.

Picture of the day ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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This is Rodriguez's first child and she seems eager to expand on her family with the Portuguese sports star. "I am very family-oriented and I love kids," the model confessed to Hola! Magazine back in August while showing off her baby bump for the publication in a photo shoot.

The 23 year old previously expressed a love of ballet and has not let her pregnancy come in the way of her studio sessions. Last month, she shared a video at the dance studio in which she is seen wearing high heels while practicing her salsa moves with a partner. Her baby bump is clearly visible in the tee shirt tucked into her short skirt.

"I did ballet for 15 years. My training in classical dance has given me values ​​such as love of art, companionship, discipline and the importance of leading a healthy life," she said.

The dance video created some buzz, thanks to a slip on the part of her instructors Basi and Deisy, who might have accidentally revealed the gender of the celebrity couple's baby.

Responding to Rodriguez's caption in which she thanked them for her first salsa lesson, the teachers responded with a comment praising her dancing skills. "We're very happy at how you did things in your first class," they wrote, but then made the mistake of adding: "The little girl you're carrying inside you is going to be a great dancer."

The comment was later deleted but not before the model's Instagram followers took note.

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