Mystery girl 'Nina'
Authorities are appealing for help to locate the family of the toddler who was found in a park in Croatia Handout

Authorities are trying to locate the family of a child who was found in a park in the Croatian town of Velika Gorica a month ago. The girl, who is thought to be around three years old, has been named Nina, though her real name, age, or even what language she speaks, is currently unknown.

Nina is believed to have been separated from her family and lost in the tide of people fleeing war-torn Syria seeking sanctuary in Western Europe Sky News reports.

In the hope that media attention might help reunite her with her family, Croatia's Family Minister Milanka Opacic invited journalists and film crews to meet Nina at Zagreb's Child Care Centre in a bid to find "anyone anywhere" who recognises her.

"So far we have no new information, we still can't figure out the language and country of origin of the child," she said. "Today we decided to ask you, the media, to help find out her identity. The media can place her face in foreign media, due to your international co-operation. It's very important to us that anyone anywhere recognises her, so we can contact any members of her family."

More than 330,000 migrants have entered Croatia in the last two months.