Apparently, there is a dearth of ginger-haired actors in show business, which has become a major concern for "The Crown" creators as they haven't been able to find one to portray Prince Harry in their latest season.

The Netflix original, which depicts the reign of Prince Harry's grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, will feature his childhood years in its fifth season as a part of one of its major storylines- the separation of the royal's parents Prince Charles and Princess Diana and the tragic death of his mother. The unfortunate tragedy had a major impact on the Queen's reign and the royal family, and is still a sore subject for them as well as the members of the public.

The bosses of the hit historical series have often been praised for the efforts they put in the casting and wardrobe of their actors to make them closely resemble their real-life counterparts. However, they still can't find a boy to play the Duke of Sussex from ages 6 to 13, covering the years 1990 to 1997, with filming due to start in just a few weeks.

According to The Sun, they are now considering dyeing a child actor's hair red to draw a resemblance to the British royal, who is one of the rare ginger-haired members of the royal family. Harry was previously played by six-year-old Arran Tinker with strawberry blonde hair in the fourth season, but only briefly.

"Bosses have incredibly high standards when it comes to the actors they hire. So any wannabe cast member already has to tick a long line of boxes. But with the role of young Harry they wanted another crucial box ticking. That's proved incredibly difficult but they're determined to cast the right actor and are considering taking any steps necessary to make him look the part," a source told the outlet.

Ginger-haired people are in decline as a recessive gene has to be passed on by both parents. In Harry's case, he is believed to have inherited it from his mother's side of the family. The Princess of Wales, born Lady Diana Spencer, had ash blonde hair herself but red hair is a common trait in her family.

Diana's older sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale also had ginger hair, so did her younger brother Charles, the 9th Earl Spencer. Prince Harry has now passed on the red-hair gene to his and Meghan Markle's son Archie, 2. The couple recently welcomed their second child, a daughter, who also might have inherited her father's ginger locks.

There are a few other flame-haired people in the royal family like Sarah Ferguson, the ex-wife of the Queen's second son Prince Andrew, and their two daughters Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. The York princesses might also be portrayed in "The Crown" in fleeting appearances, just like their mother was in the fourth season.

Princess Diana
7 May 1995: The Prince of Wales, Prince William, Princess Diana and Prince Harry attend a ceremony in Hyde Park to commemorate the 50th anniversary of VE Day Dylan Martinez/Reuters