"The Crown" is going all out in recreating key events in the life of Princess Diana for Season 5, including that iconic moment in 1994 when she stepped out for a public engagement wearing a sexy black dress.

Actress Elizabeth Debicki, who portrays the late Princess of Wales in the Netflix series, was spotted filming the iconic scene in the U.K. While most of the series is being kept under wraps, a TV insider claimed that this moment was shot in view of Prince William's bedroom window on the grounds of Kensington Palace. The 31-year-old actress was seen in the same outfit that the royal wore while she filmed the scene reportedly just 800 meters from the Duke of Cambridge's front door.

Elizabeth Debicki in the revenge dress.. the perfect casting does exists pic.twitter.com/Frjwmjq9V7

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In reality, Princess Diana wore the sexy black dress for an engagement at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park. She was pictured stepping out of the car wearing the outfit, now dubbed her "revenge dress," on the night that Prince Charles admitted to having cheated on her with Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, in a TV interview in 1994.

"They could have chosen any location to recreate this scene, but they opted to select a spot which can almost be viewed by William from his bedroom window. Just imagine if he had seen," the insider told The Sun adding, "There's also likely to be questions asked about how any permission was given to use a royal park to film a drama which the Royal Family has been so deeply unhappy about."

"But even more bewildering is the fact 'The Crown' was allowed to film in a park which is also the home of Prince William," the source said.

Season 5 of "The Crown" is said to be the most controversial of all seasons, because it will include Princess Diana's BBC Panorama interview. It will reportedly dedicate an episode for the infamous interview with Martin Bashir.

Prince William has since warned against the use of the interview, which was achieved through illegal means, for any commercial gain. A spokesperson for BBC said Netflix has not reached out to them for permission to use the said footage for "The Crown" season 5.

Princess Diana
29 June 1994: The Princess of Wales meets guests at the Serpentine gallery in Hyde Park Reuters