"The Crown" season 4 is only a week away from its release. It is one of the most highly-anticipated seasons of the Netflix drama as it promises to recreate rare moments from Late Princess Diana and Prince Charles' married life.

According to The Sun, the scenes from Princess Diana's storyline are "so shocking" that Netflix is adding trigger warnings at the start of the episodes. It is said that the warning appears at the beginning of three of ten episodes.

"The following episode includes scenes of an eating disorder which some viewers may find troubling. Viewers discretion is required."

"The Crown" season 4 follows the events of the history of the British royal family from the period of 1979 to 1990. The upcoming instalment depicts the lives of Prince Charles and Princess Diana (as played by Josh O'Connor and Emma Corrin) from the time they met and got married. The show also plays out the events of their married life when it begins to crumble down.
As per the report, this is the time when the late princess develops an eating disorder called bulimia and the images are "so shocking." Three of the episodes will depict her struggle as she will reportedly be seen "violently vomiting into a toilet on multiple occasions."

This is the first time the network has decided to post warning signs for the episodes. An insider speculates that this probably is the "reflection of how explicit the imagery is."

"This is an unprecedented move by the creators of the drama. After all, it has previously featured scenes of war, a suicide bid, and will even include a terrorist attack in the new series," an insider said. "But they have never chosen to issue a warning over these potentially disturbing images. It's a reflection of how explicit the imagery is and how sensitively they are treating it."

Nevertheless, "The Crown" crew has worked closely with an eating disorder charity called BEAT. They have ensured that the life-threatening psychological disorder that impacts millions is handled sensitively on screen. They are also ensuring that the portrayal of the royal's struggle with the disorder is "accurate."

"When viewers watch the series on Netflix they will see warning cards at the beginning of the episodes giving details of how to seek help if required," a Netflix spokeswoman said.

"The Crown" season 4 starring Tobias Menzies, Helena Bonham Carter, Ben Daniels, Marion Bailey, Erin Doherty along with O'Connor and Corrin will start streaming on Sunday, Nov. 15 on Netflix.

"The Crown" cast Olivia Coleman and Helena
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