Crystal Palace boss Alan Pardew has said that English football is not doing enough to include black coaches and give them the chances they deserve.

"The percentage of Afro-Caribbean players to coaches is not right," said Pardew, who will come up against Chris Ramsey when Palace host QPR on Saturday (14 March).

"It is something that needs to be spoken about and something we need to work on as a Football Association. And chairmen up and down the country need to give more chances.

"I feel that a lot of black players do not go into coaching courses because maybe they feel it will not help them, but it will. We need to see a greater influx of Indians and Africans entering our coaching system and getting jobs."

He believes Ramsey, the only black or ethnic minority manager in the Premier League, is doing a good job at QPR.

"He's black, which I think is great for the Premier League," Pardew said. 'We've got a black manager, and it's something that I want to promote here in terms of our coaches, because the percentage of players we have to percentage of coaches in terms of origin isn't right.

"So I'm pleased [he got the role], I hope he does well, he's done a terrific job so far because that QPR team has improved under his tutorage, though hopefully not improved too much tomorrow otherwise we're going to be in trouble.

"This opportunity has come for Chris at a time when he has done everything he could as a coach," said Pardew. "He has done all the roles and has done them brilliantly.

"He has done a terrific job so far. That QPR team has improved under his tutorage."