A McDonald's customer was left feeling sick after taking a bite of a burger made using mouldy bread. The bank clerk bought a meal from a branch of the fast food chain in Warren Street, London on Wednesday, August 26. He claims that he tried to eat the food within minutes of picking the order up. He took the item back to the chain and spoke to the manager. The customer alleges that since he reported the incident to customer support last week, he has not heard back from them.

The 25-year-old man who has asked not to be named, was trying to get a quick meal for lunch last week. From the self-service kiosk of the Warren Street McDonald's, he picked up an order worth £5.59 at 2:23pm. After returning to his desk, he took a bite of the Chicken Legend burger at 2:28pm. He found the burger to be tasting strange. He asked a co-worker what they thought was wrong. The colleague pointed out the specks of mould on the bread.

By 2:33pm, the disgusted man was back at the restaurant demanding an explanation. When the person at the till saw the item, they called the manager. The manager told the customer to contact the customer service team online.

Already feeling ill from eating the spoilt food, the man focused on getting medical assistance and contacted a doctor. He later went to the website to raise a complaint. He even tried calling customer service. Even after he complained online as per the instructions of the manager, he claims that the company has not bothered to respond to him.

The Daily Mail got in touch with McDonald's. A spokesperson informed them that the customer had been offered a replacement and a refund at the store which he allegedly refused. Staff at the restaurant had also apologised to the customer. They emphasised that quality control was a priority and that they were "disappointed" for having served the customer the spoilt food. The spokesperson apologised for the delay in handling of the complaint. They assured that the customer's complaint would be addressed shortly.

Man served mouldy burger bread at McDonald's (representational image) iStock