Going walkies has been given a completely new meaning as this tiny plucky stray dog, has hooked up with a group of cyclists for the past 3 weeks who are pedalling a whopping 1.139 miles across south western China.

The dog, nicknamed "Xiaosa" or "Little Sa", started to follow the bikers after one of the cyclists gave it some food. Little Sa is right out in front with the bikes behind. Then a quick sprint ahead. Till the rest catch up. Phew doggy can slow down now. Quick weave through the bikes and it's break time.

The cyclist who fed the dog first Xiao Young explained in Mandarin what happened.

At first we didn't consider keeping it and thought it just wanted to follow us for a while. But it showed a very strong willpower and followed us all the way here. There is a steep downhill slope in Litang, so we made a cage for it."

And here's the little dog in his basket , being ridden up a very steep hill, taking a well-earned break.

Doggie is then taken out; when he chases some pesky birds away.

Mr Yong then said the dog seemed to choose him as it's master speaking in Mandarin he said

"Xisa's perseverance moved us a lot. With its encouragement, we finally reached the Potala Palace. Now we are very excited and very moved. I am going to do whatever I need to bring it back with me as it has taken me for its master."

Another of the cyclists Lu Bo said in Manadrin the dog really lifted their spirits.

"The dog was very important to us. It brought us a lot of fun and also gave us a lot of encouragement. For example, when some of us fell behind, it would run down the hill calling for them to follow."

Since dogs are not allowed on trains in China, Xiao Yong plans to pay for his new friend's trip back to Wuhan by air, while he travels travel by train separately.