While every man dreams about being James Bond, it seems Daniel Craig, would rather be the new Milk Tray man. The actor, who reprises his role as 007, was apparently disappointed at missing out on playing the polo-neck wearing man of mystery, who scales tall buildings and leaps through windows wielding a box of the famed confectionary. and "all because the lady loves milk chocolates."

Speaking on ITV's This Morning on Wednesday (21 October), the British actor admitted he was 'disappointed' he didn't get cast as the new 'Milk Tray' man. "They've got one! I went up for the gig and didn't get it!" he said. Told by the presenter that he was made for the role he said: "Thank you, that's what I think, but what can you do? They other guy got it."

Speaking at the Spectre press conference, he revealed that rumours he was quitting the franchise are mere speculation and he is undecided about what he will do next. "I have the right to change my mind any time I want," he said. "And sometimes I say things, like I did when I was asked two days after I just finished shooting for eight months, 'Would I do another one?' That's what was on my mind, and I said what was on my mind. It's the way I've always spoken. But as I said, I reserve the right to change my mind," he explained.

Despite his causal attire, the actor was otherwise in 007 mode, when he appeared at the Spectre photocall flanked by Bond girls Monica Bellucci, Lea Seydoux and Naomie Harris. He was also joined by co-star Christophz Waltz, 59, who plays Bond's nemesis, Franz Oberhauser.

Actors Christoph Waltz, Monica Bellucci, Daniel Craig, Lea Seydoux, director Sam Mendes and Naomie Harris (L-R) pose during a photocall for the new James Bond film \"Spectre\" in central London, Britain October 22, 2015 REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth

Craig, who is married to actress Rachel Weisz, revealed that he won't be showing much skin in the latest instalment of the global franchise. "I do in the opening sequence ... that's all I could give! He's going shy now!" he said.

As the latest incarnation of the British spy, the actor takes some inspiration from his predecessors. Recalling his favourite iconic Bond moments, he said: "Robert Shaw was my favourite in From Russia With Love, and I think that car jump in The Man With The Golden Gun is probably the most spectacular."

Spectre is expected to storm the box office when it opens in UK cinemas on 26 October before opening in the US on 6 November. Watch the trailer for Spectre below: