Sex Island
A dating website is buying an Island off the south coast of the UK for people to have affairs / Tumisu

An adulterous dating website has bought a private island 100 miles off the south coast of England where married people will be able to cheat risk-free with guaranteed privacy. is a dating website for married people wanting to have affairs. It claims to have 1,058,922 genuine users in the UK.

And in an unprecedented move the website has confirmed it is buying an island for its huge membership. Known only as the Illicit Retreat the website says it is 100 miles from Portsmouth, off the south coast.

In an elaborate attempt to avoid detection holidaymakers are to be flown onto the island in a helicopter. This, the website says, helps adulterers reduce the chances of being rumbled by tell-tale receipts for trains, buses or flights and keeps the extended mileage off the car odometer.

The website will also blindfold those planning on infidelity so as to keep the island's top-secret location a secret. And in requirements more accustomed to an invite to a celebrity party those heading to the island will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement before they fly.

But on arrival the website promises an island littered with flash apartments, each boasting bedrooms, dining rooms and Jacuzzis. IllicitEncounters spokesperson Christian Grant said according to The Sun: "All you need to do is sneak out for a 'business trip' and the rest is taken care of for you."

He says: "What happens on the island stays on the island. If only we'd thought of this before, we could have saved the likes of Vernon Kay and Jeremy McConnell, to name just a couple, quite a bit of hassle."

Despite criticism from pro-marriage groups believes it provides a meeting place for married and attached people who are looking for romance outside their current relationship. Established in 2003 they say that they take the safety and anonymity of their members seriously and use extra measures to ensure personal data and contact information remains hidden.

In its website, it says its members "are all looking for a little romance outside their current relationship. Whether that's the occasional bit of flirtatious chat, a regular coffee date, or a full-blown affair, that's up to them."

It also claims that unlike other sites, its sign-up ratio of female to male members is around 45:55. This means "no one is going to be outnumbered or bombarded by messages."