Bethany Haines opened up about watching her humanitarian aid worker father get killed by Isis in an emotional interview on ITV's Loose Women today (17 November).

The grieving daughter claimed that she sat in her bathroom alone as she watched, on her mobile phone in 2014, Isis militant Mohammed 'Jihadi John' Emwazi brutally murder her father David.

Ms Haines was advised against watching the sick video, but told the Loose Women panel that she wanted to hear her dad's voice one last time.

She told the audience and viewing public at home: "I wanted to recognise him. The main thing I noticed was that he was very different, very emaciated from the man I knew.

"But then I saw this scar on his head from a tractor accident, and I knew it was him. In a weird way, it was nice to hear his voice for one last time, even though it's not what I wanted to hear."

David was a 44-year-old British aid worker who was captured by Isis in early 2013 and beheaded on camera in early September 2014.

A video of his beheading, entitled A Message to the Allies of America, was released by Isis and began with a clip of a press statement by Prime Minister David Cameron followed by a title screen. It also included Haines delivering a prepared speech.

His daughter only learned of his abduction two days after her 16<sup>th birthday, and she knew something wasn't right as he never usually forgets to call her on her special day.

Loose Women viewers applauded the young girl for being so brave regarding her father's death. One person tweeted in response: "How Bethany Haines is able to talk calmly about her dad being killed by Jihadi John is amazing #LooseWomen".

Another said: "What an amazing woman #bethanyhaines is. She is continuing the legacy of good work her father began and bringing something positive out of tragedy. I wish her all the luck in the world".

A third added: "Bethany Haines, you are amazing, your strength and your beautiful heart, oh my goodness your dad would be so proud #LooseWomen".

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.