"Days of Our Lives" episodes airing next week are high on drama and action. A lot is happening with Gwen, Eli, Kristen, Abigail, and others. Dilemma, secrets and sinister plans unnerve the Salem city residents as the show goes on air from Oct. 12 to 16.

[Warning: Spoilers for "Days of Our Lives" episodes ahead!]

When the show opens with new episodes, Eli will find herself in a tricky situation. According to Soaps.com, Eli will find herself in the center of a dilemmatic situation where there is a lot at stake. Does it have anything to do with Eli's association with Melinda?

Meanwhile, Melinda is up to something evil. She tries to provoke Kristen, who faces the danger of landing behind the bars. Abigail approaches Chad seeking a favour that involves Jake. There is no doubt Chad will go the extra mile to humour Abigail's wishes. Gwen learns new details about Jack and Jennifer and puts a new plan in motion.

As the show moves forward, Chad decides to make peace with Jake for Abigail. Things look difficult for Kristen. Lani tries to make things work and approaches Melinda with an emotional plea on Kristen's behalf. Later, however, Eli will decide to clear the air with Kristen and does not give in to Melinda's sinister plotting. Nevertheless, Kristen makes a shocking move in her court case and makes a plea of being guilty after Brady gives a suggestion to her.

Next week, new information regarding Ciara's situation will unveil. Hope and Shawn uncover new evidence about Ciara. Elsewhere, Charlie offers support to Claire as she grieves for Ciara.

Belle is doubtful about representing Philip. Meanwhile, Nicole has difficult news for Lucas. Steve is wary about Tripp's intentions and warns him about his plans to edit his side of the story. John discovers the truth about Allie and Tripp and fans can expect a storm for Tripp. John lashes out on Steve for trying to protect his son. Finally, there is Kayla, who plans to find out the truth about Tripp's version of the story.

Days Of Our Lives
Kristian Alfonso as Hope Williams in Days of Our Lives NBC

"Days of Our Lives" episodes air Monday to Friday at 2:00 pm ET on NBC.