Deadliest Catch season 11, Discovery channel's popular docu-series will return on 14 April as the brave captains of the Bering Sea venture into bone chilling waters to net the King Crab bounty.

The captains of the crab fishing vessels will race against time to catch hundreds of kgs of crabs, in the midst of stormy weather and troubled seas.

As the crab hunting season begins, captains along with their crews will return to Dutch Harbor, Alaska and will take to the high seas for the prized catch.

Cornelia Marie, Northwestern, Time Bandit, Wizard, Seabrooke and Cape Caution are some of the favourite vessels that will be watched closely, but the show's fan website has informed IBTimes UK that one of the old vessels may not return in the upcoming season.

It suggests that Cornelia Marie will not ride the high seas in season 11.

"During the fishing season in Alaska, captains and crew face some of the harshest weather conditions with super typhoons, massive storms and sub-zero temperatures," Discovery says in its description of the show.

Deadliest Catch is not just about the king crab bounty, but it is a show that proves how captains and their crews weigh down the Bering Sea. The upcoming season will focus on the aging captains and their personal and family issues.

Meanwhile, Captain Sig Hansen of the Northwestern vessel said ahead of the season 11 premiere: "This year is going to be a race – get through King Crab and start the Bairdi. We don't have time to make mistakes. First guy on the Bairdi ground is going to have the best chance to get crab before it gets picked over."

Now, it remains to be seen, how the brave captains of the Bering Sea will manage their vessels and the crew during the super typhoon, while searching for the best catch.

Deadliest Catch season 11 airs on 14 April on Discovery Channel. In case you miss the episode, click here to watch it online.

You can also watch the live feed directly from the shipping vessels here.