Deadliest Catch season 11 spoilers
The official poster of Discovery's popular adventure docuseries Discovery/Facebook

The fearless captains of the Bering Sea will brave the high waters again this year in order to grab the crab bounty on Discovery Channel's blockbuster docu-series Deadliest Catch season 11.

The captains of the crab fishing vessels will race against time to catch hundreds of kilograms of crabs across a deck, in the midst of stormy weather and some bone chilling waters.

According to a statement by Discovery Channel, crews will be facing massive storms, a super typhoon and will risk their lives for their greatest reward of the year.

Deadliest Fans, a fan website for the popular series has speculated that some old vessels may not return during the upcoming season.

Cornelia Marie, Northwestern, Time Bandit, Wizard and Seabrooke are some of the fan-favourite vessels, the crews of which will risk everything for the greatest opportunity to catch the king crab during the Alaskan fishing season.

"This year is going to be a race – get through King Crab and start the Bairdi. We don't have time to make mistakes. First guy on the Bairdi ground is going to have the best chance to get crab before it gets picked over," said Captain Sig Hansen of the Northwestern vessel.

"For Deckhand Jake Anderson, this season is a fight to prove to the world and himself, his worth as a fisherman, father and captain," the statement reads.

As the season begins, every fisherman returns to Dutch Harbor, Alaska to grab on the even bigger pay-off, but with a new hope to prove that they all belong among the brotherhood of the Bering Sea.

However, to win over the violent weather over the Bering, the aging captains must come out of their personal, family and health issues in order to triumph their once-in-a-year chance.

Here are a few issues being faced by captains of various vessels: On Bill 'Wild Bill' Wichrowski of the Cape Caution, it is about his personal front, when he has to accept his son for who he really is.

On the Time Bandit, Johnathan Hillstrand needs to overcome his health and family issues, while making massive repairs to his boat, to turn his business around with a group of new young guns.

On The Wizard, captain Keith Colburn must re-examine his idea of the ultimate deckhand as he goes through several crewmen. And for Elliott Neese, it's the need to bridge the gap between his dreams of having a family and a successful business.

But will they be able to deliver what they have promised to their crew and will they be brave enough to come out of the super typhoon successfully in order to grab the giant sea creatures as a bounty of the season?

We will have to wait and watch the new season of Deadliest Catch.

Meanwhile, check out the breath taking promo of season 11 of the show below.

The 13-time Emmy Award-winning series returns on the Discovery Channel on 14 April at 9pm.