Longtime fans of Hideo Kojima's signature gameplay elements are aware of how he loves to sneak in a few secrets. Players are left to stumble upon these hidden mechanics on their own, which leads everyone on a wild scavenger hunt every time his games launch. His latest venture under the Kojima Productions banner is no different as gamers report something new regularly. While there are people who have already finished the campaign, there are some items that can help others that are just starting their "Death Stranding" journey.

Aside from the MULEs, BTs, and other environmental hazards, perhaps the biggest enemy in the game is Timefall. Cargo exposed to this supernatural downpour begins to deteriorate, which can affect the player's delivery ratings. An article from GameSpot reveals how players can earn the backpack cover to protect items from damage.

This optional quest starts after reaching Episode 3, wherein access to the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City becomes available. The target is to locate the Collector and connect him to the Chiral Network. He is located in an area southeast about 400 meters away.

Before embarking on the trip, players should be on the lookout for any lost cargo intended for the prepper in question and bring a ladder. There should be a crevice with a path leading to a MULE pylon. Adjust the camera angle to see an image of a fox and activate the ladder to meet The Collector.

He is modelled after Hirokazu Hamamura, the former editor-in-chief of Famitsu. Likewise, the aforementioned fox is the Japanese gaming magazine's mascot. The next step is to complete deliveries for him to unlock the backpack cover.

Another helpful upgrade to aid Sam Porter Bridges in his missions is the Power Skeleton. This item boosts the players carrying capacity up to 300 kg and enhance mobility even on rough terrain. It can be obtained from another NPC found south of Lake Knot City known as the Engineer. Just like with the Collector, getting on his good side will unlock the prize and its succeeding upgrades. Missions in "Death Stranding" become a lot easier with these two items in Sam's arsenal.

Death Stranding
Hideo Kojima has teased that his upcoming debut game, Death Stranding, could be released before 2019 and feature a female protagonist. Kojima Productions