Christmas Shopping
Christmas markets offer an alternative to usual high street shopping. Press Association

Most Britons would be flocking to the shopping malls on Saturday, and it is expected to be the UK's busiest shopping day in 2011, according to a shopping-habits survey by Clothes Live Show.

The peak shopping time on Saturday would be 14:30 p.m., the results of the survey indicated. Female shoppers would be visiting 14 shops on average for Christmas gifts, while men would be visiting six of them, the study revealed.

More than half of the UK shoppers are expected to carry out their Christmas shopping on December 10. However, over a quarter of the people have disclosed that they are waiting for the last minute bargain hunting till the week starting December 18. And one in ten people keep their shopping postponed until the Christmas Eve.

The research also showed that there would be less gifts for the friends and family this year as the people prefer to spend more money on presents for themselves. According to the survey, there would be a 30 percent increase in the amount of money people plan to spend on themselves. The average spending stands at £352 per person in 2011, in comparison to £381 last year.

Londoners would be spending the highest amount of money on Christmas shopping this year with an average per person spending touching £382. On the other hand, people living in Sheffield would be spending on an average of £254.

Clothes Live Show contacted more than 3000 people for the survey.