A defrocked priest has become an internet sensation in Russia after he was recorded on camera beating up a Siberian driver in a road rage incident. The bulky man sporting the traditional thick beard, black robe and large cross of the Russian Orthodox clergy is seen wrestling a much thinner opponent in footage uploaded on social media.

Helped by another bearded individual in lay clothing, he forces the hapless man against a fence and, while holding him by the neck with one hand he repeatedly hits him on the head with the other. "I will break your glasses. I will break everything you got... We'll see who beats who," he is heard yelling. "I'll rip off your ears and shove them up your a**".

The clip of the priest's unorthodox manners and Christian compassion was uploaded on Vkontakte, Russia's Facebook and soon went viral. Local media traced the incident to Novosibirsk, Russia's third largest city, adding the incident occurred on 10 April, a Sunday.

The priest was identified by news website Gazeta as Father Theodosius, real name Aleksandr Cherneikin, a local abbot who had been defrocked about a year ago for running an unauthorised jewellery dealing business and calling for a new schism in Christianity.

His accomplice was said to be his brother. The victim was named as Vadim Maltsev a local businessman. The altercation was caused by a traffic dispute.

Maltsev told NGS Novosti that he was driving in the city when he got stuck behind the priest's vehicle, which was blocking the way. He waited a few minutes and then went to knock at the car's window asking the brothers to move aside and let him through.

After being told in colourful language to mind his own business and that the obstructing vehicle had broken down, he pulled a screwdriver and threatened to slash the car's tyres. The ensuing scuffle was captured on camera by onlookers. Police were called to the scene and all three were taken in to submit a written statement pending further investigation.