Campbell's Soup Can
A guest views a Campbell's Soup Can by Andy Warhol at Sotheby's on 28 January, 2016 Getty

The FBI is offering a $25,000 (£17,570) reward for the return of a number of iconic Andy Warhol paintings, stolen from the Springfield Art Museum, Missouri. Seven of a collection of 10 of the pop art master's "Campbell's Soup" paintings were stolen in the early hours of 7 April.

Springfield Art Museum has closed its 'The Electric Garden of Our Minds: British/American Pop' exhibit to the public following the theft from the collection, worth $500,000 (£351,200) as a whole.

An investigation on the premises is ongoing and the FBI's Art Crime Team has asked the public for help in finding the stolen artworks, which measure 37in x 24.5in, NBC reported.

The 10 screen prints are part of the larger "Campbell's Soup I" collection, a three-piece series owned by the museum since 1985. In all Warhol printed 250 numbered editions of the soup cans in his 1968 collection.

In 2015, a collection of $350,000 (£245,766) Warhol prints were stolen and surreptitiously replaced with colour copies in Los Angeles. The theft was not detected until two prints were later returned to police.