Denise Welsh stood her ground and defended Meghan Markle and Prince Harry during a heated discussion about the couple on TV.

Welsh got into a heated debate about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with fellow panelist Jane Moore on Thursday's episode of "Loose Women" when they discussed Prince Harry's book titled "Spare." Moore said it was "hurtful" to read that the duke's accusations against the royals have been made "public."

"Why shouldn't Harry say his piece, Jane? I think he's had to move away from a family – they've done it behind his back," the former "Coronation Street" star asked referencing claims Buckingham Palace has been briefing the press against the Sussex couple.

Moore then accused Prince Harry of using his royal titles for fame and money and Welsh argued, "The fact is, the royal family make quite a bit of money themselves, Jane."

She added, "So the fact is they have been leaking stories and we know they have. And as soon as Meghan was seen as the people's princess, that was game over. Because William and Kate have to remain in those positions."

Welsh pointed out that Meghan Markle already built a name for herself even before she entered the royal picture. She was a successful American actress who had a recurring role in the legal series "Suits" and was already very much involved with various charities.

She explained, "Meghan was in those rooms way before the royal family, she was on the global stage of charities and everything. She didn't do that just when she got married to Harry."

Welsh also applauded Prince Harry for writing "Spare" where he could tell his side of the story. She said, "I think do what you like. Tell your story because I think it's absolutely appalling what's happened to them."

To which Moore asked, "Tell your story but not sell your story. Is it blind support or do you accept that they've made some mistakes?" Welsh responded that "everyone makes mistakes" but she does not "see anything wrong" in Prince Harry's decision to get Meghan Markle and their family out of the U.K. She added, "When they said they wanted privacy, they wanted privacy from other peoples' narrative, not from their own story. This is the only way they've got to tell it. I'm team Harry and Meghan."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan, attend the 2022 Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Ripple of Hope Award Gala in New York City. Photo: Reuters / ANDREW KELLY Reuters / ANDREW KELLY