Fovrfeld Gravlund cemetery Denmark
Police charged 2 men with smashing their car into a war memorial at Fovrfeld Gravlund cemetery while under the influence of drugs Google Streetview

Police in Denmark have charged two men with driving under the influence of drugs after their car crashed into a war memorial. Neither would say who was driving when they crashed into the WWII memorial at Fovrfeld Gravlund cemetery in Esbjerg, Jutland - so police charged them both.

The men drove down a no-through road and onto grass before hitting the war memorial, causing considerable damage to the memorial. TheLocal website reports the memorial consists of a bronzed relief and vertical stones with names inscribed on them. Police believe the men were trying to find a short cut.

"They continued to drive over the lawn and into the monument," said South Jutland Police duty officer Erik Lindholdt. "Many of the stones are lying in pieces at the scene."

Both men were charged with driving under the influence of narcotics and have had their blood tested. If found guilty they could both face a three-year driving ban. They will also have to pay a hefty bill for damages.

Denmark's "zero tolerance" approach to driving under the influence has caused controversy as special "narkometers" used to detect traces can identify cannabis use eight weeks after taking the drug. Civil rights campaigners say the narkometers are being used to "harass" dope smokers who might not be affected by the drug when they are non longer taken,

Fovrfeld Gravlund is Denmark's largest war cemetery and lists the names of locals who died during the conflict and German occupation. According to the tourist website, "1150 allied airmen and German soldiers and 151 German refugees from 2. World War have found their last resting place in Esbjerg."