Denmark has reportedly spent a whopping £4m ($6.21m) on Caribbean cruises for youth criminals and drug abusers.

According to reports published in Denmark's Metro Express newspaper, up to 59 young criminals reportedly spent at least a year on cruises operated by rehab company Den Maritime Base.

The rehab cruises cost Danish taxpayers an estimated £70,000 ($108,628) each.

"I climbed volcanoes twice, went jet-skiing many times, and made excursions into the jungle, although I didn't manage to completely finish my diving certificate," said 22-year-old Christian who reportedly robbed a convenience store, reported The Telegraph.

Authorities, however maintain the rehab cruises are no vacation.

"The Caribbean might sound like an exotic place to go, but it's important to stress that we are in no way talking about a holiday," said Flemming Olsen, director of family affairs at Frederikssund council.

"We are doing this so that they can get away from an environment of drug abuse. They are maybe caught up in crime, such as drug-dealing and theft."

Olsen reportedly sent 12 youth criminals on the cruise rehab programme.

Meanwhile, reports have emerged of marijuana abuse on the cruises.

"The Caribbean is probably the world's marijuana capital. It's growing everywhere and even the police smoke it in a lot of places down there, so it's just a matter of finding someone on the streets with a joint and then buying some," said Christian.

Chief executive of Frederikssund council, Ole Jacobssen, defended the programme and told The Telegraph: "If you're told a story that young guys and girls are being sent out on a holiday on a yacht, I can totally understand that doesn't sound OK.

"But that isn't what's happening. It's definitely not a holiday, there's a very strict programme there.

"We would have costs with these young people whether they were sent on this project or not. If we didn't invest in these people now they would be much more expensive over their whole lifetime, whether its the cost of prison or whatever."