As October comes to an end, it also marks the celebration of an annual holiday where costumes and candy are in abundance. Hence, most online video game come up with interesting gimmicks to give players an incentive for playing.

"Overwatch" is currently hosting its Halloween Terror 2019 event, while "Borderlands 3" will launch its Bloody Harvest content this week. Even battle royale shooters such as "Fortnite" and "PUBG" are also offering exclusive content for a limited time. Bungie is not one to be left behind as it teases the "Destiny 2: Shadowkeep" Festival of the Lost just before the month draws to a close.

Players who have participated in the past events will have a general idea of what the developers have in store. Since Halloween is usually about dressing up, one of the rewards available during the in-game festivities are masks and special shells for user's Ghost.

Don your masks. Festival of the Lost returns 10/29.

— Destiny 2 Events (@EventsInDestiny) October 23, 2019

Perhaps the most notable cosmetic items are the masks, which are likewise returning this year. GameSpot hints that there will be five new masks available from Eva Levante. Therefore, expect to see a lot of Guardians crowding around the vendor when Festival of the Lost kicks off next week.

Also making a comeback is the Haunted Forest activity, which takes players to a more haunting version of the Infinite Forest in Mercury. Guardians are given 15 minutes to progress as far as they can through a procedurally-generated map. Players will be fighting against enemies and randomly encountering monsters that can't be killed called Terrors, which will endlessly chase players around.

Very excited for the Season of Spoop

I love Festival of the Lost every year, let's goooo

— Kat le Titan [CHRONICLER] (@obkatiekat) October 23, 2019

Time can be extended by dispatching foes. The reward waiting at the end is an exclusive auto rifle called Braytech Werewolf, which reportedly drops at 950 Power. "Destiny 2: Shadowkeep" players looking to get random rolls for the weapon perks can just replay the activity and hope for the best.

Those willing to spend real money on in-game items can visit Tess Everis, the vendor for Eververse to purchase Engram bundles that hold these goodies. Festival of the Lost starts on Tuesday, October 29 and ends on Tuesday, November 19. The event is open those who own a copy of "Destiny 2: Shadowkeep" and the free-to-play New Light version of the base game.

Destiny 2 Osiris Mercury
Mercury as it once was. Bungie