A tiger caused quite a roar on social media when news got out that it had escaped during a photo shoot in Detroit's abandoned Packard Plant.

Somehow, however, the tiger managed to escape and Detroit entrepreneur Andy Didorosi was asked by a friend who worked on the shoot to help catch the escaped predator. His video shows the tiger crouching at the bottom of a staircase while Didorosi tries to scare it down the stairs using hedge trimmers and a blue tarp without much success.

Animal handlers eventually managed to trap the tiger back in its cage and luckily neither people nor the tiger were harmed during the incident.

The photo shoot crew led by British wildlife photographer David Yarrow also brought a bob cat and two wolves onto the scene at the empty factory but apparently without mentioning the presence of the animals to the Packard Plant management.

Kari Smith, project manager for the Packard Plant Project told the Detroit Free Press they had given permission for a photography group of humans and that they had the shoot cancelled within the hour once they found out about the animals.