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As the "Diablo 4" release date approaches, Blizzard has already revealed a lot about the upcoming action role-playing game but is understandably still keeping some key details secret so as not to spoil gamers about the title's plot. There are speculations about how the former Archangel Tyrael might feature in its story.

Who is Tyrael in Diablo?

For those new to the franchise, a little bit of backstory might be necessary to get to know who the former Archangel Tyrael is. He is also known as the Angel of Justice and a member of the Angiris Council, which is locked in a battle with forces of Hell since time immemorial.

When the council of Archangels discovered the existence of mankind in the Sanctuary secretly created by Inarius and Lilith, many angels saw humanity as an abomination that must be eliminated. It was Tyrael who cast the deciding vote and mankind was left alone.

Since then, Tyrael came to the aid of humans many times throughout the previous Diablo games. This decision to be mankind's protector led him to become mortal prior to the events of "Diablo 4."

How Tyrael might be involved in 'Diablo 4'

The latest "Diablo 4" trailer shows Inarius facing down Lilith, with both their backs. While Tyrael was now featured in the scene, GameRant speculated that he must be somehow involved considering "his creation of the Horadrim and influence with the various Paladins of Sanctuary."

"It is likely his presence will be felt through these intermediaries unless events force his hand," the publication added. His destruction of the Worldstone - the mystical artifact that protected Sanctuary from Heaven and Hell – means that he is now the protector and he can't just idly watch should something threaten the realm.

Will Tyrael be playable in 'Diablo 4'?

Each Diablo game has offered something new to the franchise. This time, the game might surprise its fans by featuring Tyrael as a playable character.

"Perhaps Tyrael will become a hand in the battle, balancing the sides by offering players the ability to take on angelic or demonic powers in exchange for duties to Sanctuary. This type of mechanic could easily follow on the multi-tree advancement already announced for the series," the publication added.