Ever since Blizzard Entertainment banned professional Hearthstone player Chung "Blitzchung" Ng Wai, the debacle has reportedly grown out of control. The public has been calling for gamers to boycott everything related to the developer and it is apparently working. People have been posting on social media showing support by deleting their accounts for the company's online platforms and more. However, loyal fans are still looking at the bright side of things now that BlizzCon 2019 is due next week. It looks like their hopes are not in vain as leaks are hinting at the debut of "Diablo II" remastered.

The annual event is traditionally the staging point for big announcements from the developers. Moreover, the show is not limited as a showcase for new games only. Updates and expansions are likewise included on the list of reveals, which keeps fans on their toes. As indicated by BGR, this year's BlizzCon attendees could be the first individuals to confirm the arrival of the remastered version of "Diablo II."

Details surrounding the game are currently limited, but it is speculated to come out on all the current-generation platforms. Moreover, just like "Diablo III: Eternal Collection," the Nintendo Switch version might be the version most gamers will go for. Backing up the claim is a renowned insider of all things related to Blizzard Entertainment.

Twitter user @Metro_OW posted about the announcement, which also included another surprise. It appears that BlizzCon 2019 could see two new entries to the action demon-slaying franchise. One of which, is the highly anticipated sequel called "Diablo IV".

To top it all off, other sources likewise presented an image taken of a page from GameStar, a German gaming magazine. The photo was of the cover of an artbook titled "The Art of Diablo" and included a brief description. Among the text, it was mentioned that the artwork collection includes everything from all existing titles but included "Diablo IV" in the process.

Aside from these games, BlizzCon 2019 might also unveil "Overwatch 2." According to the insider, it will introduce additional gameplay mechanics and a levelling system that will change how certain skills function during a match. It's too early to determine if "Diablo II" remastered and other announcements can help sway the negative publicity surrounding Blizzard Entertainment.

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