Star Wars Battlefront

A new Star Wars: Battlefront game has been a long time coming but EA-owned studio DICE are in full swing developing it now, not that they're being forthcoming about exactly how far along they are.

In their 150<sup>th issue, GamesTM spoke to DICE general manager Karl Magnus about the new Battlefront and what it's like to be making a game within such an enormously popular IP.

"It's interesting because at DICE we probably wouldn't sign up for any IP that isn't our own," said Magnus, explaining how they ended up taking on the project. "But when this chance came along... we'd heard that the deal had been signed between the two companies [Disney and EA].

"We were immediately petulant: why was no one asking us to develop this game? I mean, hello! It's very close to the Battlefield formula because the original games took come cues from a few of the old Battlefield games.

"We started jumping up and down like obnoxious five-year-olds yelling 'Let us build the Star Wars game!' and my boss told me that it would be great if we could, but we simply didn't gave a team. That's why we built a new DICE studio in LA. We had a team in Stockholm working on expansion packs for the Battlefield games. We allowed that team to become the Star Wars: Battlefront team."

Asked how far long the game is, Magnus said: "While we can talk about it, we're playing our cards very close to our chest on this. We can't talk about how far development is."

The full interview in GamesTM #150 focuses on Battlefield: Hardline, with quotes from Magnus regarding Mirror's Edge 2 as well.