Child sex abuser Rolf Harris licks his lips while enjoying time with fellow paedophile Jimmy Savile
Child sex abuser Rolf Harris licks his lips while enjoying time with fellow paedophile Jimmy Savile ITV news

Horrifying possibilities about what Rolf Harris and Jimmy Savile got up to at Broadmoor Hospital have been raised after a former patient revealed Harris snuck into the institution after dark on at least one occasion.

Savile was managing the institution for mentally disturbed criminals at the time and would ogle female patients as they stripped off for bed, a report revealed last week.

Harris and Savile enjoyed a close friendship, with a former patient claiming Harris leered at female patients as they disrobed for bed in 1973.

Steven George, a post-op transsexual who used to be a patient at Broadmoor, described one time Harris was shown around the hospital by Savile, long after visiting hours had ended.

"Harris turned up one evening out of the blue," said George.

"He was being shown around by Savile in an understated way. Normally stars only came if they were there for an official performance but Harris didn't do one.

"It was also unusual because visitors would come at visiting hours, between 10am and 4pm, but they came in as we were getting ready for bed."

Police investigating the reigns of abuse by the TV paedophile pair have not uncovered any wrongdoing by Harris at Broadmoor.

The nature of the institution and how it is run means uncovering evidence via testimony from former patients is a challenge.

But a report published last week stated Savile indulged his warped fantasies by forcing patients to strip.

"We heard convincing accounts of a pattern of inappropriate behaviour surrounding Savile's attendance on female wards at bath time and bedtime... female patients would be obliged to strip while lined up in corridors," it stated.

"We heard that Savile followed a clear pattern of arriving on a female ward at just before this time. Unchallenged by staff, he would then watch from behind, as the row of female patients undressed."

Harris was convicted of 12 counts of indecent assault and is due to be sentenced on Friday.