In August, two unnamed men tried to get a free meal at Jaan's BBQ Kitchen Restaurant and Grill in Blackburn by claiming there was hair in their food. After ordering more food than they could eat, the men refused to pay the £67 bill. The manager of the restaurant reviewed the closed-circuit television footage of the establishment to discover that one of the men put his own pubic hair in the food. The men still did not pay the full amount. The police are reviewing the incident to establish a criminal offence.

The busy Indian cuisine restaurant on Charlotte Street, Blackburn opened just nine months ago. Last month, two diners visited the restaurant just as it opened its doors around 1 pm. They asked about the half-price offer but they were informed that the offer is valid on Wednesdays so they could not avail it as it was a Thursday.

Eventually, the customers ordered Jaan's Mega Platter which costs £55 and comes with three naan bread, chicken biryani, lamb biryani, chicken karahi, lamb karahi, seekh kebabs, chicken kebabs and six pieces of lamb chops. The waitress informed them that the platter was enough to feed up to six people. Along with the platter, they ordered drinks and poppadoms.

According to Lancashire Telegraph, the waitress said the customers seemed happy with the food while they ate. At the end of the meal, when they were handed the £67 bill they refused to pay. They claimed that the food had hair in it so they would not pay. While eating, the customers had not complained of hair in the food.

Suspicious of their behaviour, the manager of the restaurant went to check the CCTV footage. This led to the disturbing discovery that one of the men put his hands into his pants and sprinkled pubic hair on the food. He did the disgusting act twice. The source of the hair on the biryani, kebabs and naan bread was found.

When the manager confronted the customers, they still refused to pay. After an eight to 10-minute-long argument they paid £20 and left.

The surveillance footage of the incident has been shared with the police to determine if the men can be charged for any offence.

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Customers caught planting pubic hair in food at Indian restaurant for a free meal. (representational image) Mirza Asif Beg / CC BY-SA ( Mirza Asif Beg / CC BY-SA