Rihanna at the premiere of Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets at TCL Chinese Theatre Getty

Not for nothing is Rihanna known as the queen of sass. After one of her admirers decided to photoshop her pictures to look white – a move that is now being deemed as shockingly 'racist' – the Barbadian star straight away blocked her on Twitter.

Thankfully though, Riri is not the only one taking offence as her million other followers soon slammed the user for the distasteful edits.

It all began when a so-called Rihanna fan, who goes by the name of @alexgracious on Twitter, posted four heavily edited pictures to show the Work hitmaker with significantly lighter skin.

Alongside, Alex wrote, "Rihanna would look so much more beautiful if she was white," with heart-eyed emoji.

Unsurprisingly, the implication about Riri's gorgeous skin tone didn't go down well with the 29-year-old singer, who soon responded by hitting the block button.

In a couple of more tweets, the Twitter user later confirmed about the singer's action against her asking, "Rihanna blocked me how did she even see it?"

What followed next was a tirade of furious tweets as several other fans took notice of the photoshop drama and rushed to Rihanna's support by slamming the user for her insensitive assertion.

One critic went all sarcastic with the response writing, "Honey, the only sick thing is your uncanny resemblance to voldemort. and next time @me xoxox".

"That is the most disgusting and ugliest edit I've ever seen," a second user shared, while a third slammed Alex for the "racist" message on the micro-blogging site.

Amid the bout of criticism, however, the user attempted to justify her tweet as an "opinion" but that only added fuel to the fan fury. "An opinion is "I don't like ice cream" not " You'd look better if you weren't black" that's racist, racism is NOT an opinion," a critic slammed.

Check out more tweets and angry responses below: