The content streaming market just welcomed another competitor that hopes to attract new subscribers. With a massive library of movies and upcoming exclusive series, Disney+ appears to be the platform to beat. However, a recent report from developers confirms that the service might not be compatible with all devices. It appears that the strict DRM built into the system is causing problems for owners of these devices. If the issue is not addressed soon, it can push users to switch to alternatives that can support their platforms.

Among the items reportedly affected are Chromebooks, Linux PCs and some Android devices that fail to meet the DRM system's requirements. Lifehacker points out that credit for this discovery goes to Hansdegoede, a Linux developer who confirmed what causes the Disney+ compatibility matter. Based on the findings, Disney's streaming service relies on Widvine DRM. Ideally, this security measure is in place to block users from accessing content over the web on devices deemed as potential risks for unauthorised usage.

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It is understandable given hackers can quickly overcome most DRM systems to copy content and redistribute them illegally online. The Disney+ service is allegedly set to a default of three, which is the highest security setting. In contrast older devices that run on Android, Chromebooks and Linux computers are designated as level one. Some individuals who were lucky enough to sign up for the closed beta are currently reporting the issue now.

All supported devices at launch #disneyplus

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According to Hansdegoede, the company and its developers have already been informed about its DRM system. Moreover, Disney purportedly assured the Linux developer that it will come up with a fix. This supposedly transpired a month ago, but until now the DRM system still blocks some Disney+ testers from access. Hence, affected users are encouraged to boycott the service until the appropriate actions can resolve the inconvenience.

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It appears the only workaround available right now for users who own older Android devices and Chromebooks is to upgrade to newer models. On the other hand, Linux users can always set their computers to support dual-booting into Windows. However, it looks like avoiding Disney+ for the meantime can help remind the company to listen to its consumers. The service is scheduled to launch on Tuesday, November 12.

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Netflix will be facing tougher competition from rivals including Disney which is set to launch November 12 Photo: AFP / Robyn Beck Robyn Beck/AFP