The Division Madison Field Hosptial Hutcj
A screenshot of the Madison Field Hospital from The Division's open beta Ubisoft

The most ardent fans of Ubisoft's online cover shooter Tom Clancy's The Division have found another farming exploit allowing them to easily hoard the game's most valuable and hardest to amass currency, Phoenix Credits.

Available only to those who have hit the level 30 level-cap, Phoenix Credits can be spent on high-end weapons and gear and form a large part of The Division's end-game content. Typically earned through replaying completed missions on higher difficulties, this new exploit concerns the Madison Field Hospital mission in particular.

GameSpot has put together a walkthrough video for the exploit, which involves replaying the mission found very early on the in game, as the player first start establishing their base of operations.

  1. Start the Madison Field Hospital mission on Hard difficulty
  2. Fight through to the end boss
  3. Run past or kill the standard enemies
  4. Kill Hutch – the level boss
  5. Go towards the door and kill his clone
  6. Collect the phoenix credits and loot
  7. Get yourself killed to restart the final portion of the level
  8. Repeat to acquire all the credits you desire

This isn't the first exploit discovered in The Division. A loot cave similar to the famous one found in Bungie's Destiny – a similarly-structured online shooter – has since been patched out. Another exploit involving the Police Academy mission and the boss called Scarecrow is still thought to be active.

It's unclear whether this exploit will be patched out in a future update. So for now, farm to your heart's content.

The Division has proved an enormous success for Ubisoft, selling extremely well in its first few weeks on sale. Reviews have been somewhat mixed, but most are unanimous in their praise for its player versus player area the Dark Zone. You can read IBTimes UK's review of the game here.

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