HBO Divorce
Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church star in HBO comedy-drama Divorce HBO

HBO's newest comedy-drama Divorce showcases the absurdities, pains and comedy of a couple going through a divorce. Last week the show premiered with Frances informing her husband Robert that she is unhappy in their marriage and that she wants to end things.

We also found out that she has a lover, Julian on the side, but things fizzle out quickly once he finds out she has asked her husband for a divorce, and plans to stay with him instead. Though she tries to return to her marriage and act like she acted too impulsively, Robert finds out about the infidelity on her part, and boots her out of the house.

In episode 2, titled Next Day, she now has to live with the repercussions while trying to get back on her feet. According to the synopsis (via Cater Matt), "Frances (Sarah Jessica Parker) rushes to intercept Robert (Thomas Haden Church) before he tells the kids that she's divorcing him. Everyone gathers at the hospital to support Diane (Molly Shannon) as she waits for news on Nick's (Tracy Letts) condition. In the midst of the chaos, Frances considers finally signing a lease to open her long-planned art gallery."

Last week the show kicked off with Diane getting drunk at her birthday party and holding a gun to her husband Nick. Luckily her aim is way off but the stress of it all causes Nick to get a heart attack.

Divorce season 1, episode 2 airs on HBO on Sunday 16 October at 10pm ET. You can also catch the show online on the official website. Watch the trailer for the show below: