Despite being a popular gadget for a lot of people, strict regulations against drone usage can take the fun out of it. This is understandable given the possible dangers it can post to people and commercial aircraft. Thus, owners are advised to apply for a Remote Pilot Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).Drones that weigh more than 0.55 pounds and less than 55 pounds require registration as well. Even some recreational version, which are marketed as toys are likewise included. Meanwhile, the DJI Mavic Mini is reportedly exempted from the rule thanks to its lightweight construction.

Over the years, DJI has apparently become a trusted brand when it comes to high-quality drones and imaging systems. The Mavic Mini is its latest offering that features a folding design for exceptional portability.

When it is configured for storage, Android Police describes it as shorter than a Samsung Galaxy S10+. Its compact nature makes it a great choice for users who want to own a drone that does not take up too much space in the bag. Furthermore, reports claim it could fit into bigger pockets with ease.

Get ready to touch the sky with the DJI Mavic Mini. With its powerful stabilized camera 2.7K, lightweight (249g), and impressive 30-minute flight time, it's your perfect pocket-sized drone companion for capturing your life in style.

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Other than using a drone for purely recreational activities, most people buy one to take aerial photos and videos. DJI specialises in both and the Mavic Mini appears to be a capable drone for the job. Unlike its professional-grade siblings, the manufacturer offers a simplified companion app to help amateur pilots fly it.

With the DJI Fly program, users can enjoy four pre-programmed flight actions. These include Helix, Dronie, Circle and Rocket, which initiate a specific manoeuvre to capture jaw-dropping shots.

DJI Announces Ultra-Light 'Mavic Mini' Drone [Video]

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What makes it possible for the Mavic Mini to slip through the FAA regulations is its remarkable weight. Clocking in at just 74 grams, DJI manages to legally circumvent the government agency's registration requirements. However, despite these perks, owners are still encouraged to take the necessary safety and legal precautions when manning their drones.

This Mavic Mini charging base is legit the coolest charger i've ever seen.

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The DJI Mavic Mini will start shipping on Monday, November 11 and will be available in two options. The "Everyday Flycam"($399) set comes with the drone, a remote controller, extra propellers and one battery. Those looking for a comprehensive package can choose the "Fly More Combo" ($499), which packs everything included in the basic bundle and throws in a two-way charging hub, two spare batteries, another set of replacement propellers with a protective cage and a carrying case.

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