google doodle Komodo dragon
Interactive quiz on Komodo dragons by Google doodle Google doodle

Do you know anything about Komodo dragons? Well take the Google doodle test and find out!

Google has marked the 37th anniversary of the founding of Komodo National Park in Indonesia with an interactive quiz on one of the strangest reptiles on the planet.

You may not know all the answers but they may come in handy if you ever come across one of these frightening creatures, which can grow up to 10ft in length and weigh as much as a man.

Komodo National Park, the home of the dragons, is in the Lesser Sunda Islands, 200 miles east of the tourist hotspot of Bali.

The tropical landscape ranges from dry savanna to lush forests.

It is surrounded by white-sand beaches and bright blue water.

The park was set up to protect the 5,700 Komodo dragons in the region.

It has since expanded its scope to include other native wildlife such as the Timor deer and 72 species of birds including the yellow-crested cockatoo.

The Timor deer is the main source of food for the Komodo dragon which can, according to the interactive quiz, eat over 50% of its own weight in one meal.

Other facts you may not know about the reptile: It can replace any teeth that it loses, just like sharks, and has a flexible skull, ie, one where the bones are not fused together.

A young Komodo dragon waits for lunch AFP