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A piece of the LED bulb was discovered in an X-ray report of the lungs of the seven-year-old girl iStock

Doctors at the Bai Jerabai Wadia hospital in India's Mumbai have removed an LED bulb from the lungs of a 7-year old girl named Ariba Khan. She had swallowed the bulb while playing with a toy mobile phone.

The matter came to light after the parents of the girl took her to local physicians as she was suffering persistent cough and fever, Iocal media reports said.

A piece of the bulb was discovered in an X-ray report of the lungs of the girl, Hindustan Times reported. She was then put on antibiotics to stop the infection from spreading.

"Antibiotics were given and primarily when a bronchoscopy was done the complete bronchus was full of granulation tissue that was on account of the prolonged lodging of this foreign body. An intravenous course of antibiotics and steroids were given for 2 days to clear the infection and granulations of the airway which blocked the foreign body," Dr Divya Prabhat, Head of Department ENT, Bai Jerbai Wadia hospital for children was quoted as saying by Deccan Chronicle.

She added, "Following this Bronchoscopy was repeated and within 2 minutes this foreign body (only a wire strand was seen from the scope) was removed using forceps. To our surprise, this happened to be a 2cm LED bulb, which has not been seen after even thousands of copies done here."

Meanwhile, Ariba's father said that they were unaware of the fact that their child had swallowed LED bulb. He also thanked the hospital and the doctors for their effort.

In a similar incident, doctors in Uzbekistan recently discovered 16 sewing needles inside an 11-month-old baby. Surgeons at the Republican Scientific Centre of Emergency Medicine at Tashkent removed the majority of the needles, including the nine in his abdomen and one in his neck, after performing a nine-hour operation.

Specialists removed the three inside the baby's heart. Thirteen needles were removed in total and shown to local media. The three needles that remain are not thought to be in life-threatening places, so were not removed as to reduce the stress on the baby's body from surgery.