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Doctors found 263 coins and other metal objects including shaving blades inside man's stomach - Representational image Getty Images

Doctors treating a man for suspected food poisoning got the shock of their lives after they found as many as 263 coins and shaving blades - a total of 5kg of metal objects - in his stomach.

The incident happened in Rewa district of India's Madhya Pradesh state on 18 November when Mohammed Maqsood was rushed to a hospital after he complained of severe stomach pain.

Soon an x-ray was done on the 32-year-old and doctors were stunned to find the iron objects inside his body, news agency PTI reported.

The doctors have successfully managed to remove the objects from the man's stomach.

Dr Priyank Sharma, who led the operation, said that a team of six surgeons removed 10-12 shaving blades, four big needles, a chain, and 263 coins besides pieces of glasses, from Maqsood's stomach.

According to reports, the man is believed to be mentally unstable and Dr Sharma said his family or friends did not know about his bizarre eating habits.

"We were shocked to discover that coins, nails and nut-bolts in his stomach. This man looks mentally unstable as no sane person would do something like this," Dr Sharma said, adding that the case was first of its kind in his entire career.

According to reports, Maqsood never felt any pain due to the presence of foreign objects in his body initially. However, he started complaining about stomach pains three months back. His relatives said he had gone into depression and might have developed the habit of eating metal objects during that time.

"Whenever he felt the urge to ingest a coin, he ingested it with water," a family member said.

A similar kind of case had happened in 2014 in France where at least 350 coins, an assortment of necklaces and some needles were found inside a man's stomach.