Pokemon bank launch delayed

A new report says that Pokemon X/Y might feature a transgender character. According to Kotaku, a "character appears to make a nuanced hint at her gender change in the latest Pocket Monster game, Pokémon X/Y."

According to the report, in the English version of the game, the character in the screenshot seems to have said, "Yes, a mere half year ago I was a Black Belt! Quite the transformation, wouldn't you say?"

While the above statement talks purely about nothing but the Black Belt, things are somewhat different in the Japanese version of the game, according to Tumblr Nazerine, who notes that the Japanese text differs.

Have a look at the Japanese translation, which says, "Only half a year ago, I was a Karate King. The power of medical science is amazing, isn't it?"

It is worth noting that Karate King in English pertains to a trainer class called Black Belt, which is only exclusive to male characters. This is because there is a counterpart in the form of Battle Girl.

So when one goes by the original Japanese text, it allows one to assume that there is some representation of transgendered individuals in "Pokemon X and Y."

Since its debut, Pokemon X and Y have managed to sell over 4 million copies, making them the fastest selling Nintentdo 3DS games ever. Pokemon fans around the world are currently waiting for Nintendo to open up access to its Pokemon bank service, which allows players to transfer Pokemon from older Pokemon games to the newer one.

The launch of the service was originally planned for December 2013, but postponed owing to technical issues and server overloads. Tsunekazu Ishihara, president of the Pokemon company, recently spoke about the service.