Dog pushing man in wheelchair
Dog pushes man on wheelchair through flood (kitrox2/YouTube)

A dog has been filmed pushing its wheelchair-bound owner through the flood water in Europe.

The exact location of the film is unclear. The YouTube video, uploaded last week, is in Russian - although Russia has been largely unaffected by the flooding.

The man being pushed in his wheelchair signals to the driver to avoid the flooded area and as they go past, they see man's best friend giving him a helping paw behind.

Speaking in Russian, the person filming the man says: "Dear Lord, he is being pulled by his dog!"

Many YouTube users have commented on the lack of help from the people in the vehicle, while others have commented on the dog's trick.

John Belles wrote: "In Soviet Russia, Dog walks you!" Another added: "This is adorable."

Parts of central Europe have been hit with devastating floods after heavy rain across the region.

Prevent catastrophe

Both the Danube and the river Elbe caused widespread damage as they swelled through Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated since the flooding began and at least 22 people are believed to have been killed.

Flood waters are now expected to reach Croatia, where authorities are preparing defences along the Danube.

The river is expected to peak over the next few days. According to, flood defence chief Zoran Djurokovic said: "In seven to ten days, we expect levels to peak in the region.

"We must prepare to prevent a catastrophe. There's no absolute security when talking about floods, but we are ready."

Flood defence measures are now being put in place near the village of Batina, where the Danube enters Croatia.

People are also being evacuated in the Saxony-Anhalt town in Stendal in Germany after a dam broke on the Elbe.