A Manhattan resident called the police on October 24, 2019, after witnessing a dog being tortured on the roof of the building by a man. Police searched the building and found two abused dogs in the home of actress Janis Dardaris. The actress was away from the city and had left the Maltese dogs to be cared for by a pet sitter. The sitter's partner, Vincent Tang, reportedly entered the home illegally to abuse the dogs. One of the dogs was found dead while the other was seriously injured. The pet-owner sued the man responsible for the attack on her beloved pets. If found guilty for the charges of animal abuse, the man could be jailed for two years.

Dardaris, who had starred in "The Sixth Sense," "Law & Order" and "The Sopranos," had left her home in Manhattan to star in a play in South Carolina. She left her two Maltese dogs, 12-year-old Frankie and 11-year-old Alex, under the care of a pet sitter. She had the two dogs since they were only three months old.

In her absence, the pet sitter's partner broke into the apartment. He fatally beat Alex until the small dog died. The twisted animal abuser then took Frankie to the roof of the apartment building. He then kicked, punched, chased and threw around the dog for some time before carrying it back to the apartment. He left both the dogs for dead alone in their home.

Tang was unaware that his actions on the roof had been recorded. A resident from a neighbouring building witnessed and recorded the animal abuse. They then called the police to rescue the animal. By the time the police were able to locate the apartment in which the dogs were, Tang had already left.

Alex was found dead while Frankie was found cowering in the home, severely injured. According to the New York Post, the surviving pet suffered two skull fractures, two fractured ribs, and a permanently damaged left eye.

Tang was arrested in November last year. He was indicted in Manhattan Supreme Court on two counts of aggravated animal cruelty. He denies the charges against him. If found guilty, he could be imprisoned for two-years.

Dardaris had been left traumatised by the abuse faced by her beloved dogs. She claims that she wants to know what triggered the man to attack the two small defenceless animals so ferociously.

The trial continues.

Maggie the missing Maltese
Dog sitter's boyfriend beat and tortured the actress' Maltese dogs leaving one dead and other with life-long injuries. (representational image) Leonia Police Department